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Boggles and Boggarts

On an extremely cold January afternoon, Mrs Kendall and Miss Knight challenged children from Years 1 and 6 to explore mud in order to make a Boggle of Boggart to go on one of the many tress on our field. Children could add whatever was needed to their mud and design it in any way they wanted but they needed to remember the key Big 16 challenge aim – to work together, evaluate what was working well and make changes as if something wasn’t working.

“It didn’t work straight away so we kept trying!” Max, Year 3

“Our mud kept falling off the tree so we added more and more water” Imogen, Year 5

“It’s freezing! Too cold for mud!” Daisy, Year 6

At the end of the session, after washing the equipment up, Ms Bainbridge made us hot chocolate. We have decided to do it again in the summer and have come up with a list of materials that would help us make it better…



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