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Welcome to the Stats and Results page.

Statistics and Results Overview

Here’s where you can find out about questionnaire and SATs results.

All Primary School children in year 6 undergo SATs tests annually and you can find out how our children did by viewing our STATs and Results data here.

Every now and then we’ll send out questionnaires to our parents to find out what you think about school life. You’ll be able to view the results here.

Year 6 Summer 2017

Sats Results 2017

*Due to the small cohort size the data is anonymous and not in any particular order

  Maths Reading GPS Writing
Pupil 1 103 108 112 Expected
Pupil 2 100 102 103 PKS
Pupil 3 107 108 108 Expected
Pupil 4 98 104 100 WTS
Pupil 5 106 102 106 Expected
Average 102.8 104.4 105.8  
PP AVERAGE 102.5 106 104
Non PP Average 103 103.3 107
Boy Average 99 103 101.5
Girl Average 105.3 105.3 108.7


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