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 Welcome to the Premiums page.

Pupil Premium

Year 6 Summer 2017

Sats Results 2017

*Due to the small cohort size the data is anonymous and not in any particular order

  Maths Reading GPS Writing
Pupil 1 103 108 112 Expected
Pupil 2 100 102 103 PKS
Pupil 3 107 108 108 Expected
Pupil 4 98 104 100 WTS
Pupil 5 106 102 106 Expected
Average 102.8 104.4 105.8  
PP AVERAGE 102.5 106 104
Non PP Average 103 103.3 107
Boy Average 99 103 101.5
Girl Average 105.3 105.3 108.7


Pupil Premium Funding

The Government allocated £1320 per pupil in 2016-17 with £300 for service children.

2016-2017 = £17,460

Number on Roll: 45 (Reception to Year 6)

Number of Pupil Premium: 14

Sport Premium

Swimming Gala

A HUGE congratulations and well done to our swimming team, who took part in the inter-school swimming gala on Tuesday 28th February. Daisy Rowles (Year 6), Macey Lugar (Year 6), Carmen Hare (Year 5), Ajay Bland-Davies (Year 6), Alfie Lugar (Year 5) and Max Peacock (Year 3).

You were brilliant and as always acted as great ambassadors for our school. You definitely showed determination, respect, friendship, and courage.

Sports Premium Planned Expenditure

Planned expenditure: Sept 2016 – March 2017 £4,789

The aim for 2016-2017: To continue to further develop the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyles; ensuring that all children continue to have broader experiences of a range of sports and activities which are offered to all pupils with increased participation in competitive sport and increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE.

We will aim to do this by…

  • Being part of the school sport partnership (£1500)
  • Attending cluster events (projected £700 dependent on where second rounds are held/if reach)
  • Holding a range of clubs and inter-school tournaments (£
  • Developing healthy lifestyles through making it a focus point across school (projected £1600)
  • Making outdoor learning an integral part of the whole school curriculum (£1,000)


April 2017 – August 2017 £3,421

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